The 4 Elements

The 12 signs of the zodiac are made up of 4 elements: earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius).

Earth signs are grounded and crave stability. They tend to focus on one thing at a time, perfecting it, before moving on to the next task. They don’t like change or unpredictability, and they are more likely to base decisions on a logical thought process than emotion. These stubborn bulls hold grudges for a long time and have a hard time letting go. They suppress their feelings and keep them bottled up inside, all the while wearing a poker face in public. Eventually when they do let everything out, it’s like a volcanic eruption of emotion. Many earth signs are musically talented and have good voices. They also enjoy things to do with health- eating healthy, working out, spiritual energy healing. Physically, an earth sign will usually have a round face and a chubbier/larger body type. Some also have bigger heads and wider necks than other signs.

Water signs are the opposite of earth. They are emotional, creative, sensitive, imaginative. These empathetic signs feel everything around them. If someone is sad, they will feel the sadness with them. They feel all energies around them because they are run by their emotions. They have a “go with the flow” attitude and can adapt to new situations easily. They are also overprotective and some can be slightly possessive of the people they love. They have very big imaginations and picture everything in their minds. They can get lost in their dream world. You will often find water signs living near the ocean or vacationing on beaches or lakes. They feel at home near water. Physically, water signs have more slender figures, and warm, deep eyes that draw you inward.

Air represents communication. Air signs are friendly, and they love to talk about anything and everything. They are intelligent and curious people. They are usually well read and knowledgeable about random things that they don’t necessarily care about. These Chatty Cathys are great multi taskers. They thrive on doing a few things at once and are constantly moving around or on the go. They adapt easily with whatever is thrown their way and can change their mood with no warning. They can be germaphobes and OCD with cleaning. Air signs are sensitive to global events and disasters such as earthquakes or war, and care about humanity. Many air signs are athletes and politicians. They can also be great actors and singers. As a whole, air signs are a very talented group of people.

Fire signs are energetic, impulsive and creative people. They care about others and can go above and beyond for the people they care about. They can be gregarious when meeting new people and making first impressions. Fire needs to constantly be lit up and can get bored easily. They love excitement and need to keep their fire burning with that excitement. They have a lot of energy and can keep going for hours, but once the fire runs out that’s when they knock out. They can be the life of the party and have amazing vibes, however these fun-loving people also need a lot of attention. They can be sore losers and get defensive because they have a lot of pride. It’s hard for them to take criticism even if it is constructive. They get lit up fast, but they also get put out fast; they don’t hold a grudge for long. They can easily let go, make up and move on after an argument. They are naturally lazy and will not waste energy on things they don’t care about. It’s just too much work for them and not worth the effort. They never forget a face, however if you try to remind them of a moment or particular event, they are most likely to say, “I don’t remember”, before they even try to remind themselves and think about it. It takes energy to light the fire to remember and they’d rather not use that energy because they’d rather be lazy! However, if it’s something they care about, their impulse will kick in and that’s when they will use their energy for memory. Fire signs love being in the limelight and you can find many in the public eye either acting, singing, or performing in some way or another. Fire signs are most attracted to physical appearance before personality. Their eyes can be piercing and direct. Physically they tend to be heavier set or have a larger build. The men can have bigger hands, feet, and ‘you know what’ 😉 The women can be curvy, and hot!

Which element are you? Are you a stubborn and logical earth sign? Do you live in dreamworld as a water sign? Are you a multitasker air sign? Do you need to be lit up and do things on impulse as a fire sign? Tell us in the comments!

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