Gemini ♊️✨

Hi guys! Lets talk about Gemini!!

A lot of people call this sign two-faced but Geminis are very misunderstood. They’re not necessarily two-faced; they actually have a really good side to them, and they have an evil side, like most people.

Geminis are air signs so they can’t do one thing at a time. They need to do 4 things at a time. Thats why they can sometimes seem flaky.

Gemini is attracted to information, knowledge, intellect, brains. They are also very adaptable. They go with the flow. They can literally vibe in to people and feel what they’re feeling, and they can basically sell anybody anything. They can turn a small story in to a huge one. They can be really dramatic. They love to be excited, they love adventures. They are exciting and intense. They are either very social people, out there talking to anybody and everybody, or they can be really quiet and introverted. They need their alone time. They don’t really need people to entertain them. Gemini can talk to themselves and entertain themselves.

Geminis also can be very gullible; they can believe everything you tell them, however their other side could also come out and call BS on what you’re saying.

When it comes to love, Geminis wear their hearts on their sleeve. They will go above and beyond for their partner. They are suckers for love, but oh boy if you cross a Gemini you will see another side to them; that two-faced person will come right at you. Geminis go all out for their friends and family, however do not mess with them!!

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