Aries ♈️🔥🐏

Hi guys, let’s talk about Aries. Aries is a fire sign. Fire gets lit up and gets put out. Fire is energy, fire is ego. Fire is loud. Aries gets bored very easily, so does Sagittarius, but Aries especially so. Aries are the type of fire sign that does a few things at a time and they like to do it fast. Their nails grow fast, their hair grows fast, their mind works fast. Aries are so spontaneous, so adventurous, that they’ll jump off a cliff, for example, and then say “wait what did I just do? Oh no! I just jumped off a cliff!” They’ll do stuff and they’ll think after.

Aries are very loyal to their friends. Aries speak their mind. If you ask them for an opinion they’re not going to sugar coat it. They have no filter. A lot of Aries are very sexual and perverted. If you have a friend that sends you porn or anything perverted, it’s likely to be an Aries.

Aries love to joke around. They love to have fun. Most Aries like to talk a lot, but the ones who don’t, they joke around. Some Aries like to cook, they like photography, they like anything that’s cool.

Like most fire signs, Aries are attracted to physical looks first. A Taurus, for example, will get to know you and fall in love with you based on your personality first. Aries fall in love with your looks first, and then afterwards they’ll get to know you.

Aries is a very competitive sign. They don’t like it easy. If you’re with an Aries you constantly need to challenge them. Aries women like manly men. If you are too nice to them, they’ll put you in the friend zone. If you show them you’re tough and you’re manly, that is attractive to them. Aries women can even be a bit manly, they can be a bitch and speak their mind, however they’re also extremely friendly and gregarious. Aries don’t need too much sleep, which is good since a lot of Aries suffer from insomnia. Its hard for them to fall asleep at night because their mind is constantly going, thinking. After 2-3 hours of sleep, boom, they’re going full force again, ready to work. They’re good with anything fast.

What an Aries needs to do to get out of their comfort zone is to slow things down. You always have to work on the opposite of what you are. So if you’re very fast, work on being slower, less impulse.

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